Natural Deodorant

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Size 4 oz

These deodorants allow your armpits to breathe and sweat while still keeping BO at bay. The ingredients keep you fresh and our scents will keep you smelling your best!

With normal use, each application can last up to 24 hours. Below is what allows our deodorants to stand out.

  • Calendula Herb - Anti-inflammatory herb used to sooth skin and keep skin soft.
  • Plantain Herb - This cooling Herb helps to sooth irritated skin and helps to prevent rashes.
  • Kaolin Clay - This clay helps to prevent microbial growth
  • Arrow Root Powder - This natural root vegetable can be made into flour, and this flour helps absorb excess moisture and keep the area fresh.
  • Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils - These oils help create a unique scent, as well as fight off the bacteria that can cause the stinks.
  • Cocoa Butter & Safflower Oil - These are anti-inflammatory & help moisturize the ade